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Below you can create a Masterpiece quote by selecting what you want subjects, sizes, styles and finishes.

What you will recieve

An airbrushed artwork from your image, painted on aluminium robust enough to be hung without framing.

Finished in your choice of either a gloss or matte automotive clear coat laquor for a water and dirt proof work of art, and long lasting colour or no finish.

1. Insert a Width and Height

2. Choose how many subject

One Subject
1 Subject

Just the one special subject perfect for special occations, moments and memories.

I want one subject in my painting
Two dogs
2 Subjects

Wanting two subjects in your masterpiece? We can use 2 seperate images in one piece.

Can I have 2 subjects please
One Subject
3 Subjects

What a big family you have. You can have Three subjects but it needs to be a bit bigger.

I have a big Family, 3 for me!

3. Choose black and white or colour

One Subject
Black & White

Have a beautiful Monochromatic painting masterpiece created, bringing a certain elegance.

Monochrome please
One Subject
Full Colour

Get a perfect colour rendition of your images, colour matched in its full glory.

Colour, colour, colour!

4. Choose the finish

No Finish

  • Raw artwork
  • No finish
  • Suitable for framing
  • Not water resistent

Gloss Finish

  • 5+ Layers of Clear Coat
  • Perfect Glass like finish
  • Water and dirt resistent
  • Scratch resistent

Matte Finish

  • Beautiful flawless finish
  • 5+ layers of clear coat
  • Water and dirt resistent
  • Scratch resistent

What Now?

Click the 'Book my masterpiece now' button to the right and fill out the contact form.

Once you have clicked send, this will go to Alex directly.

He will contact you as soon as possible to discuss exactly what you want, when you want it for and where you need to send your images to, so Alex can start your masterpiece.

Delivery is included in the price, if you are local enough Alex will drop the artwork off personally. If not he will send with a reputable courier company so you recieve your masterpiece in perfect condition.

Payments, Returns and Refunds

50% of the Total for your Masterpiece is due before work starts. This is to secure your place and purchase raw materials.

The final 50% is due once Masterpiece is complete and prior to delivery.

We are so confident that you will love your masterpiece, we will fully refund you if you are not satisfied with the finished result.

A full refund will only be given if masterpiece is returned undammaged and in re-sellable condition.

Your Quote Total

Below you will find your selctions and the total of your quote

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